Common Problems And Solutions Of Submersible Sewage Pumps
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The submersible sewage pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, long continuous operation time, convenient installation and maintenance, and is widely used in water conservancy, agriculture, sewage treatment engineering and other fields. However, after the equipment has reached a certain service life, there will inevitably be various problems. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, here is an analysis of the common problems and solutions of the submersible sewage pump:

1. The impeller speed of the submersible sewage pump is low: after many customers bought the submersible sewage pump and started it, they found that the impeller speed is low. This may be caused by incorrect wiring. It is recommended to modify the fire protection wire.

2. The flow of the submersible sewage pump is low or does not discharge water: it may be due to the blockage of the inlet filter screen, the impeller of the sewage pump, the pump shell, the water pipe and other components, or the water outlet pipe in the submersible axial flow pump of the pool is broken. In case that the submersible sewage pump does not discharge water, the power shall be cut off immediately for inspection and the blockage shall be removed.

3. When the power supply is connected, the impeller does not rotate, and the winding is burnt out: because the impeller or other rotating parts are stuck by sundries, the motor does not rotate, the overcurrent protection device fails, and the stator current suddenly increases, thus the winding is burnt out. At this time, first cut off the power supply and check the circuit to see if there is a fuse or the circuit is not working. If the circuit is normal, it is likely that the stator winding of the motor is burnt out.

4. Leakage of submersible sewage pump: leakage of submersible sewage pump is the most dangerous problem, endangering personal safety. In the long-term use of the submersible sewage pump, the mechanical sealing surface will have very serious wear of the submersible axial flow pump, resulting in water infiltration, immersion in the motor winding and leakage. You can place the submersible pump in a dry environment, replace the mechanical sealing surface, and then the submersible sewage pump can be put into use again.

Above for you to analyze the submersible sewage pump some common problems and solutions, I hope to help you.

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